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Fibre Glass India imparts superior range of FRP Moulding for the customers for their varied purposes. Our range of FRP moulding products comprises of Industrial products, Body fairing, Head light covering, mudguards, Chemical tanks, engine guards, Exhaust systems, Canopies, Ducting, fume cupboards, security cabins, etc.

Also we provide FRP moulded components for domestic products including Light sheets, User-designed sheets, FRP table tops, FRP doors, Partitions, Flowerpots, Checker plates etc.

Our provided Fiberglass moulding materials/products are available for the customers according to their specific needs and offered at competitive rates.

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Fibre Roofing Sheets
Fibre Chair
Fibre Dustbin
Cement Fibre
Fiber Glass Roof
Fibre Sheets
Fibre Glass wool
Fibre Glass Buildings
Fiber Pools
Fiber Moulding
Fiber Doors
Fiber Glass Material

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